Product Description

4 Colour 4 Station Screen Printing system can place and print 4 screens to 4 stations simultaneously. The printing layer and the screen layer and the pallet layer can rotate independently, which makes it easy for multi-colour printing, material loading and unloading, finally brings more wide range, convenient, faster and best printing results.

The System can be used for Clothes, t-shirts, woven fabric, metal, paper, copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, leather and other products that need flat printing. It's especially suitable for small enterprises and individual use.

4 Colour 4 Station Screen Printing system is the one and only one double-rotary printing machine which is an assembled construction but still can guarantee the accuracy in colour registration of four colours in four station. It has kept the common functions of the similar machines, such as double rotary of pallet layer and screen layer, high pulling intensity of double springs, height of pallet moving up and down, screen adjusted in all round, left and right location of screen frame support arm, etc. also it has some special functions that overcome the shortcomings of the traditional machines, which brings more easy, accurate but higher efficient printing results. So it's the highest cost-performance screen printing machine as compared with other company machines of same prices.

Special Features and Functions:

  • This silk-screen printing system completely overcomes the disadvantages of the same price and similar appearance silk-screen printing systems, which can only overprint accurately in one or two stations. Before delivery all the printing head support arms have been accurately adjusted, checked properly so it can realize four colour accurate registration in four stations after installation. In other words, it can be applied into multi-colour printing by multiple persons simultaneously.

  • Special design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of the screens, which guarantees proper spring intensity.

  • Up-and-down adjustable (77-100cm) foundation can meets demands of work persons of height from 160-190cm. The Height adjustment is easy but fixed and stable after adjustment. So it can guarantee the users to print in a proper height and relaxed posture under a more labour-saving and much more comfortable way.

  • Fine adjustment device is easy operated but can mainly guarantee well synchronising between screen and bring better printing effect.

  • Double fix position of parts are an innovation in design of this latest machine. The upper wheels blocks make it much easier for the pallet support to enter into the fixed position gives easy but much more accurate printing operation for the users.

  • Super big foundation and WELL balance foot stands kept it balanced and stable even the ground is not smooth.

  • The machine adopts full metal structure and all parts are stainless steel materials, which is in advanced electrostatic spraying, elegant appearance, convenient in clearing and no rust.

  • It can be dismantled and packaged into cartons, with total volume of only 0.42 cubic meters and so it can be easily carried and moved. Besides, we have supplied video manual CD for easy installations. Its convenient transportation and easy installation needn't special transportation and handling tools, which will save much shipping cost; That's also an unique and unparalleled feature during the similar machines of accurate colour registers.

Equipped with: installation video, v manual instruction, full set installing and maintenance tools.

Foundation Size 920 × 920 × 590-830 mm
Machine Size: 1900 × 1900 mm
Pallet Size: 550 × 450 mm
Biggest Screen Sized it can fit is: 530 × 430 mm
Net Weight: 163 Lb (74 kg)
Gross Weight: 181 Lb (83 kg)
Shipping Volume: 0.30 Cubic Meter
Carton Gross Weight Package size: One 57 Lb (26kg) 23"×23"×13" (59×59×31cm) T
Two 42 Lb (19kg) 23"×16"×7.5" (59×39×19cm)
Three 40 Lb (18kg) 24"×20"×9" (61×51×22cm)
Four 42 Lb (19kg) 32"×23"×6.3" (81×58×16cm) U

up-and-down adjustable (77-100cm) foundation of our Latest design can meets demands of people statures from 150-190cm.

Height adjusting is very easy but stable after adjustment.

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