These electrical pad printer series can be very installed on existing packaging machinery. Specially designed table top machines for semi automatic operation to the printing on tins, boxes, lables, pouches, bags, bottles etc.

  • These all are low cost machines with very low operating and inventory cost.

  • Compact and light weight portable models which can be carried to any location.

  • Printing of batch no's, mfg. dates, expiry date, max. retail price etc.


Model: P-PPS-E-10
Product Name: Round Plate Closed Cup
Operating Mode: Electromotive
Working Speed: 3000 Strokes/Hour
Printing Area: 20 × 50 mm
Weight: 22 Kg.
Size (L× W× H): 435 × 405 × 560 mm
Power Supply: 220V   50Hz
Power: 0.05 Kw

Rounded Plate Closed Cup
This electromechanical Pad printing machine P-PPS-E 10 are also a new Revolutionary addition in the Range of PARAM's PAD PRINTING endeavour which has adopted advanced design and the process with latest technical specifications.

With the help of this machine you can mark/print different batch nos., different dates of manufacturing with logo also. In these machines there are provisions for the workman to change the date sand batch no. as per need day to day need. Even one single plate can be used for dates of the three years. There are two circular plates in which different nos. are already made, and the person can rotate and change them accordingly.

These are also close cup machines, which can save inks and solvents, reducing the production cost and workman's time.
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