Product Specification
Model: PI - 2035 CS
Print Area: 200 × 350 mm
Print Speed: 1200 pcs/hour
Power: 110/220V 50W
Machine Size: 68 × 77 × 87 cm
Weight: 125 kg

Range of Application:

This small vacuum screen print machine have two falt chose-one is use the T-slot falt and the other is use the vacuum falt. This machine have the features of quick speed, steady performance, high precision, which can compose the production line in the small workshop or in small space. The machine especially fit for use in the PVC, paper, all kinds of wood, name plat, eyeglass, silica gel key-press screen print and so on.

Technical Parameter
Microcomputer system and higher automation Print head quick lifting device, quick and easy change plate
Auto 4-digit built in counter for counting Have the long vacuum and auto vacuum function
Aluminium body metal coating surface Action option: fully automatic / semi automatic / manual
Distyle vertical contracture, high precision, steady operation Start up method: panel / foot switches
The transversal stroke can be adjusted, spacing by Taiwan electronic switch Scraper pressure controller: by pressure regulating valve
The angle of scraper and ink covering blades can be adjusted randomly Vertical driving style: pneumatic
Scraper constant pressure device to make sure pressure is steady Transversal driving style: pneumatic, rodless cylinder
Can regulate screen work table back and forth, rigth and left Transversal stroke: 400 mm
Can regulate screen frame back and forth, right and left Vertical stroke: 160 mm
Vacuum stainless steel workable, it can adsorb kinds of films products Worktable size: 250 × 450 mm
Installing CEC oil buffer avoid printing shock Work piece max high: 120 mm
Runnig fast, steady and lower noise Ink scraper size: 9 × 50 mm
Use Taiwan pneumatic element, good quality Max frame size: 400 × 500 mm
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