Product Specification:
Print Area: 50 × 50 mm
Print Speed: 1200 pcs/hour
Power: 110/220V 50W
Machine Size: 62× 32× 59 cm
Weight: 42kg

Range of Application:

Ink Cup printing machine type is the high end models in pad print field, the ink in the printing process completely sealed in the cup and adjust the viscosity of the ink, you can maintain good printing quality and stability. The plate can be use the thin plate or thick plate, materuak cost control more choice. Widely used in small electronics products, metal, plastic, toys, printed surface patterns printing and so on.

Technical Parameter
Microcomputer system control Start-up: Panel/foot switches
Auto 4-digit built in counter for counting printing quantity Transversal stroke:
Aluminium body metal coating surface Vertical stroke
The table, pad can E.Y.Z direction Max print area
Pad pressure adjust ink cup diameter
Have front back slide function avoid oil solidification ink cup blade material : pottery
All cylinder speed have autonomy switch Plat size
Use original Taiwan pneumatic component Plate thickness : 0.3 mm thick plate, 10mm plate
Adjust position have scale mark Workstation : 1
Running fast, steady and lower noise Fixture way : T-slot table, code compaction pressure
Ink cup system, easy installation The material of clamp: Automobile Putty / Aluminum / plastic / steel
Working methods: automatic / self automatic / self-programming Pad fastness style: by wooden bolt
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