Electrolytic (electrochemical) etch marking is used throughout industry wherever part numbering, identity, quality control, security marking or coding for traceability required, logo Alfa-Numeric, Numeric Words, Scales & For Brand promotional benefits etc.

We have used the most advanced electronic technology in the electrochemical marking industry. Solid state circuitry provide long trouble free service & the most efficient use of energy. Advanced technology is just one of the reason Param International is the leader in the Electrochemical marking machines (ETCH MARKING).

Through the years Param International have been a trusted partner of major manufacturers in their printing endeavours. We have kept pace with the industrial ever growing demand for greater product reliability and complete technology.

With advanced technology in the quality control in the manufacturing areas Param has met the most exacting requirements. Our designs and technological experience is geared to meet your requirements.

Our ELECTROLYTIC MARKING MACHINES (ETCH MARKING) are indigenously assembled identifying the basic need natural to India. It is flexible to suit any requirement.It gives you quick returns in comparatively short periods. Taking into account factors like space, labour and power P-UNO MARKING SYSTEM is just the handy and user friendly system you were looking for.
Our machine occupies very little space & will prove to you very quickly how easily it fits in to your production line. No special training of operator is required.

You can permanently mark virtually any metal component whether It is highly tempered, flat or curved without deforming the surface or causing stresses as in the case with the stamp & presses.
The worker can start printing with in 10 minutes and can also changeover to print another design also with in 10 minutes.

The zig-fixtures along with the Manual Stand provided by us helps you to do the job at ease and any unskilled worker can do it.

Since very little pressure is necessary a great many marks may be made with a single stencil.
There is NO Deformation of surround metal surface during marking. So it is not only permanent but also stress free.

The P-UNO SUPREME range of machines are with double backup circuits. These machines are developed keeping this in mind that Printing process is the later stage process of every production unit and no work should stop at that stage. The models in our SUPEREME range of electrolytic marking machines.

  • P-UNO 101(SUPREME)
  • P-UNO 102(SUPREME)
  • P-UNO 104(SUPREME)
  • P-UNO 108(SUPREME)

The models differ according to the production capacity you need in your industry.
We will surely guide you the best possible option according to your need and the budget. The P-UNO (SUPREME) range of machines are with double backup circuits.
These machines are provided with:

One Unit manual stand for the zig-fixtures of product to be ETCH MARKED.
One unit MARKING PENCIL which is best suitable for your product.
50pcs of CLOTH PADS for the marking pencil.

There are some OPTIONAL attachments also available for your requirements of marking in the form of:-

  • MANUAL stands and zig-fixtures
  • The PNUEMATIC STANDS with zig-fixtures

So these machines are called no problem machines by our customers.

P-UNO-101(SUPREME):- this machine is with one stand for printing the products, and can print (mark) normally 2400pcs in 8 hours of a day. This machine requires one person for marking and one person for helping.

P-UNO-102(SUPREME):- this machine is with two stations for printing the products, and can print (mark) normally 4800pcs in 8 hours of a day. This machine requires two person for marking and two person for helping.

P-UNO-104(SUPREME):- this machine is with four stations for printing the products, and can print (mark) normally 9600pcs in 8 hours of a day. This machine requires four person for marking and four person for helping.

P-UNO-108(SUPREME):- this machine is with eight stations for printing the products, and can print (mark) normally 19200pcs in 8 hours of a day. This machine requires eight person for marking and eight person for helping.

The other range of PARAM'S electrolytic marking endeavour is the EL-MARK series machines. These machines are also engineered for small business or large manufactures and are very compact and easy to use, just think you can offer quick supply of an order of a few samples or a full production run, and be proud of the professional Results.
For marking two main things are needed i.e STENCIL and ELECTROLYTIC, NEUTRALYTES.

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