Product Specification
Model: PI - 2030 c
Print Area: 200 × 300 mm
Print Speed: 1200 pcs/hour
Power: 110/220V 50W
Machine Size: 68 × 77 × 87 cm
Weight: 125 kg

Range of Application

This PI - 2030 C mini pneumatic screen printing machine with vacuum is the best choice of screen printing on light weight items like cards, papers, PVC/PU shts, foils, small name plates etc. This machine is with very low Noise, very Fast operation, Tabletop structure, very Compact size, Steady performance, High precision printing.

The quality and integrity of PARAM'S Vacuum Table mini pneumatic screen printing machines are the result of over TWENTY years experience in quality vacuum tables construction. Manufactured to meet the exciting needs of today's screen printing industry, our precision engineered vacuum tables meet or exceed OEM requirements for smoothness, flatness and durability. They have also become a valuable tool for sensitive substrate hold down wherever surface flatness is critical. Built to withstand long-term use, PARAM'S vacuum tables consistently perform at the level you demand, with steadfast reliability.

Custom built to specification, PARAM'S vacuum table mini pneumatic screen printing machines are available in a variety of configurations to suit almost any need. The all-aluminium construction employs a sandwich design for a superior strength-to weight ratio, using the thickest top and bottom plates in the industry for added durability.

On the surface, there are many options to choose from including anodized aluminium, stainless steel tabletops for material sensitive and non-conductive applications. Disappearing registration guides, threaded inserts, cutouts and lift pins are among the more frequently requested options, and no one integrates them as seamlessly as we do.Inside our tables, you'll find an aluminium honeycomb core that is the cornerstone of our advanced airflow design. The system offers uniform airflow from edge to edge, as well as options for zoned airflow and more. Connection ports are positioned for your convenience, with maximum productivity and easy access in mind. Rust free, non-oxidizing, anti static design the top of finishing quality.

At PARAM'S we're all about making systems to fit your needs, and that's why we offer the range of options we do.

Technical Parameter
Mini Pneumatic screen printer with vacuum Quick lifting of print head, plate, screen frame etc.
High automatic and microprocessor system Auto vacuum and long vacuum function
Auto 4-digit built in counter for counting Full, Semi and manual operation facilitated
Alloy Aluminium frame precision system Machines can run through foot switch or auto from handles
Double structure, steady operation Precision Pneumatic Horizontal movement
X, Y AXIS of worktable are high precision Precision Pneumatic Vertical movement
Precise adjustment of transversal stroke is adjusted Quick lifting of print head, plate, screen frame etc.
Squeeze scrapper pressure is always constants Horizontal stroke is 350mm
X,Y AXIS of screen frame is also adjustable Vertical stroke is 160mm
Vacuum worktable is of stainless steel Worktable size is 250 × 250 mm
To avoid any printing shock CEC oil buffer is installed Height of product to print is 120 mm max.
Low Noise Level, Fast steady and smooth running Squeeze scrapper size is 9mm × 50mm
Imported pneumatic parts of excellent quality Screen frame size is 400mm × 500mm
The angle of squeeze and ink covering plate can be adjusted Quick lifting of print head, plate, screen frame etc.
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