We make the best and long run Stencils in many different Framed and cut forms as per your requirements for the best accuracy in marking of your product.
The Stencils are processed our plant with accuracy in designs and with in 24 hours of your valuable order. These stencils are very cost effective as they are used for single or multiple component marking.
The tough base of these stencils does not permit changes or addition in layout after they are processes. The stencils have the finest and sharpest of the marks.
The recent improvements in technologies adopted by us helps us to make very long lasting, highly visible, durable, reliable, highly resistant stencils, giving your product a clean, good looking image of company logo or any matter you print.

The electrolytic medium used in printing process are regularly available for different Metal items with best results. Electrolytes are different for STAINLESS STEEL, LOW CARBON, HIGH CARBON, MILD STEEL, HIGH SPEED STEEL, BRASS, CHROME-PLATED etc.
The Neutralities are available for cleaning of the product after Marking process is done, for best results.

Marking pencils of a lot many sizes and shapes are available as per size of marking and the space for marking on the conductive metal product/substrate. For e.g in case of recessed spanners, i.e for printing in grooves of any metal product, we provide specialized marking pencils to make the process easier and faster.

Many different type of metal items such as hand tools, automotive parts, valves and guides, surgical instruments, sanitary items, taps, drills, bathroom fittings, crank pins, crank shafts, ball bearings, gears, engine components, hardware, scales, cutlery, etc.
Large substrates can also be marked with company logos or any numeric or alpha-numeric words.

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