Model: P-PPS-1K
Product Name: Table Top Single Colour Pad Printer
Plate size: 100 × 100 mm (Open Inkwell)
Cup size: 90mm (Latest Closed Cup System)
PCS/Hour: 1800 pcs/hour
Air Consumption: 5 bar
Power: 220/110v   50/60 Hz.
Net Weight: 38kg.
Aprx.. Dimensions: 51× 41× 42 cm.

Key Specification / Special Features
  • Single Chip Microprocessor control, very simple & user friendly.
  • Assurance of quality with SMC precision pneumatic parts.
  • Easy Inking, fixing, dismounting & cleaning of the ink scraper.
  • Ink blade can be automatically balance, ensures a perfect ink scraping.
  • The printing speed of the pad & the printing stroke can be adjusted for different printing requirements.
  • Sweeps forward & backward without pad moving down to prevent ink drying.
  • Colour setting is simple & convenient, ink tray, doctor blade & pads can easily installed or dismounted for quick cleaning.
  • The extra function "Twice inking once printing" is designed for thicker ink film.
  • Built in LED. Digital Counter.
  • With 5 digital programming systems.
  • With aluminium alloy frame & base, the machines is light & study.
  • Suitable for printing single colour on any surface, weather in flat, round, concave, irregular, smooth or uneven surfaces.
  • Ink tray, work table & pads are independently adjustable for easy colour registration.
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