The Process begins with a fine nylon mesh stretched on a aluminium or wooden frame. This mesh is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion or film which when get dried blocks the holes in the mesh. The image to be printed is in the form of transparent film. The transparent positive film and the coated and dried mesh are placed together and then exposed to Ultra-violet light. Then a jet of water is used to wash the coating which has not been hardened by the Ultra-violet light, this makes a screen stencil same as the transparent film image.

There are two common types of screen printing machines

  • Flat screen printing machines
  • Desktop Curved Screen / Cylinderical Printer

Suitable for precise printing on any flat surface of various materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood etc. Be widely used in electronic industry, advertising, packing & printing, sports equipment, toy, stationery, gifts, industrial arts fields etc. Printing objects such as cards, transfer paper, poster, sticker, PVC/PET/PC films, metal nameplate etc. which are made of non-deforming materials. Golf balls, glasses, pens, etc are counted among odd shaped products. Adding to it, any odd shaped surfaces and textured products can be used for the screen printing. And you can also expect better results on vinyl stickers, mouse pads, posters, signs etc.

We all have heard about promotion and advertising and their role in marketing. It is really important to advertise and promote the right products and services in the respective domain. Other than promotional products and embroidery services, screen printing has been also proving beneficial in this regard.

Advantages of screen printing process are as follows:

  • The process is considered as scratch and high rub resistances and this is required mainly in industrial printing.

  • High quality screen printing inks are available which means one can expect 3-5 years of outdoor life for different kind of applications.

  • Printing is also available with vibrant colors.

  • A diverse range of substrates are available with various size, thickness and shapes. All such shapes and thickness come with easy to print feature.

  • Printing offers a high degree of flexibility and this is something which lacks in other forms of printing.

  • Inks can be selected as per the application chosen by you.

  • It is easy to print on any fragile mater with the screen printing.

Features of Mini pneumatic screen printers are:

  • Pneumatically driven which reduces noise in operation.

  • The main accessories are imported which are durable and smooth, to ensure the quality of machine.

  • The printing table can be adjusted in front, back, left and right directions to ensure the printing effect.

  • Automatic hydraulic device is installed to peel the screen off printing surface, easy for washing. Squeegee, flood bar, screen frame are easy to install and change.

  • According to the requirements of operator, the machine can be operated in manual, semiautomatic, or automatic model.

  • A registration pin is installed to keep precise registration and ensure the precision of repeat-printing is 0.01mm.

  • Squeegee, flood bar, pressure, speed and stroke, etc. Are all adjustable for your requirements.

  • Emergency stop switch is installed to guarantee the safety of operator. Auto-debug function can ensure the printing smoothly and reduce rejects.

Remarks: We can design and produce any screen printing machine for our clients according to their special requirements and purpose.

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